Episode 12: The Case of the Birthday Waste

May 28, 2017

Environmental scientist and activist Jeremy leads the charge in Episode 12! Join Jo and Jeremy for a chat about environmental concerns related to birthdays and parties from the “one-time-use” culture of partyware to the pressures around gift giving. You’ll leave with some approachable pearls of environmental wisdom and a newfound enthusiasm for party-throwing!


Episode 11: Your Actual Birth Day

May 14, 2017

In honour of Mother's Day, Jo and Jeremy finally address the elephant lingering in the corner of a studio wearing a tiny party hat: your ACTUAL BIRTH DAY. The day you were born! Some say that the day you were born determines a lot about your personality - and perhaps it does because both hosts were born on a Sunday and they're both awesome, so... science! The duo also delve into some of the more amazing facts about baby development and Jo gets into the nitty-gritty of the story of birthing her son.


Episode 10: No Champagne, No Gain

April 30, 2017

How much could Jo and Jeremy possibly say about champagne? Oh, PLENTY. In this effervescent episode of Happy Birthday Podcast, your two podcasting pals toast to the bubbly bevvie that's become the official drink of celebrations, birthday-related and otherwise. Next time you take a spritely sip of sparkling wine, you'll be glad you listened to Episode 10 of the only birthday podcast on the planet!


Episode 9: Happy 2,770th Birthday to Rome

April 16, 2017

Join Jo and Jeremy in wishing the city of Rome yet another happy birthday. This is the city that baked the first birthday cakes, celebrated the birthdays of their gods with human sacrifice and they pretty much gave us the gift of time itself. Lend Jo and Jerry your ears as they prod Rome’s past and speak a little bit of Latin.


Episode 8: Nothing Dirty ‘Bout Turning 30

April 2, 2017

Three decades of living is nothing to sneeze at. In this episode of Happy Birthday Podcast, Jeremy (just over 30) and Jo (just under 30) dive into the birthday that's been dubbed 'dirty'. But don’t you worry – this is an episode for everyone, no matter which side of 30 you’re sitting on.


Episode 7: Pet Birthday Party Exposé

March 19, 2017

Pet lovers, put your people-paws in the air like you truly and deeply care because this episode is going to make you very happy. In Episode 7 of Happy Birthday Podcast, Jo and Jeremy look into the phenomenon of birthday parties for pets – why owners go to the effort, how to pull it off and the fundamental differences between birthday cakes for cats and dogs. Plus, a tribute to the humble deep-sea mollusc!


Episode 6: Your Birthday Brings All the Greetings to the Card

March 5, 2017

Birthday cards have been around since forever(ish). Ancient Egyptians were giving each other birthday cards! In this episode of Happy Birthday Podcast, greeting card designer Jo and environmentally-minded Jerry take a close and calculating look at the bits of folded paper that have become such an important part of birthdays and a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.


Episode 5: Cake-Walk the Walk

February 19, 2017

In this delectable episode of Happy Birthday Podcast, Jo and Jerry tackle the official treat of the birthday: CAKE! From the dessert's humble beginnings as glorified bread to strange cake-related crimes, this is the episode your ears have been hungry for. Also, birthday cake flavoured vodka anyone?


Episode 4: There’s a Darker Side of Birthdays

February 5, 2017

This episode of Happy Birthday Podcast is a little darker than most. From the statistical leap in birthday deaths to the good ol' Birthday Blues, Jo and Jeremy look at some of the more melancholy aspects of birthdays. The duo also covers ways to combat these bad birthday side effects, so hopefully you'll leave feeling positive despite the somber content.


Episode 3: Ain’t No Party Like a Birthday Party

January 13, 2017

There’s a Happy Birthday Podcast episode about parties and you’re all invited! Join Jo and Jerry for the perfect mix of poignant storytelling and incoherent ramblings as they talk about birthday parties from all kinds of angles.